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New Book on Worship by Dr. Arnfield P. Cudal: The Ultimate Guide to Worship Arts
There have been many misunderstandings and myths about the role of music in church. These myths have led many to believe that music is a barometer of their devotion to God, an elixir for the spirit, a pathway to God, or a channel for the presence of God.

    New Book Release: The Lord’s Table by Richfield A. Cudal

    This new book by Dr. Richfield A. Cudal about the Lord’s supper is replete with meaning about the Lord’s table, and describes the marvelous work of redemption He achieved for those who trust in Him. Christ demonstrated the simple but meaningful way to fellowship with Him, to symbolize His person and redemptive work. Christians may
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    “Christmas Hath a Darkness” New Choral Work by Arnfield Cudal [Music Score Video] – Hal Pysher, Organist

    Scored for Treble voice, SSAATTBB Choir, Organ, & Orchestra Request for Performance (RFP): HARK Music Publications is seeking a high school or college choir to record a music-arts video of this musical setting with a release date of Christmas 2021. “Christmas Eve” is a poem by Christina Rossetti Music edited & performed on the pipe
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    Bárbara Padilla | Arnfield Cudal – Suite No 1 in F Major – ‘Ascendit’ [flute & strings]

    America’s Got Talent Opera Singer Bárbara Padilla debuts her first musical composition with a piece co-written and orchestrated for flute and strings by Arnfield Cudal featuring flautist Sophie Creaner (London, UK) and The Lubben Brothers string ensemble. Stay tuned for Bárbara’s vocal rendition ‘Ascendit’.

    A Song of Solace & Comfort – A Thai Lyric Video

    Hark Music presents a new Thai lyric video “Blessed are you” as a song of solace, comfort, and encouragement for Thai believers facing persecution, temptation, and hardship for doing right. This song by Arnfield Cudal features Thai recording artist Wanpen Jittrong, chamber orchestra, harp, and Thai flutes. Lyrics are from 1 Peter 3:12-17.

    New Music-Arts Video for a Wintry Night: ‘Sleep’ by Eric Whitacre

    The Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts Singers in a new music-arts video performing at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach, Florida, “Sleep” by Eric Whitacre, Ken Taylor, conductor.

    A Merry Carol for Christmas: New Release

    A Merry Carol for Christmas: Frohlocket, ihr Völker auf Erden by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) featuring the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts Singers on location at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach, FL, USA. (Translation) Rejoice, ye people of the earth, and praise God! The redeemer is come, whom the Lord has promised. He
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    Dreyfoos School of the Arts Singers Debuts Music-Arts Video: “Behold, How Good & How Lovely” by Arnfield Cudal

    The Dreyfoos School of the Arts Singers makes its first music-arts video debut at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, performing with pipe organ Arnfield Cudal’s choral setting of Psalm 133, “Behold, How Good & How Lovely” Ken Taylor, Director of Choral Studies Laura Santamaria, featured soloist

    New Thai-Psalm Music-Arts Video filmed at the Bangkok National Museum

    Deep in the heart of Thailand, at the Bangkok National Museum – site of the former 18th-Century Palace Grounds next to the Grand Palace – is where the Thai-Psalm Project music video is being filmed and produced. The Thai-Psalm Project marks the first time in Thailand’s history that the Psalms of the Bible have been
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    New Choir Anthem “Behold How Good and How Lovely” by Arnfield Cudal now available

    Behold, How Good and How Lovely (Psalm 133) Music composed by Arnfield P. Cudal for Organ, Treble Voice, Choir, & Congregation (SSAATTBB) A richly elegant and grand choir anthem with an expressive melody for treble voice and rich harmonious sections for the choir. The congregation sings a simple 4-part antiphon and the anthem ends with
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    New Composition “Behold, How Good and How Lovely” Performed at Palm Beach Atlantic University

    Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Concert Choir performs Arnfield Cudal’s new work “Behold, How Good and How Lovely,” a musical setting for Psalm 133 composed for Choir and Organ, featuring Elizabeth Fisher, soprano, at the PBA Spring Choral Concert, 2018. Dr. Geoffrey Holland, conductor Dr. Arnfield Cudal, organist “What a gorgeous anthem! It takes the listener
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    Recently Translated Books Released in Thailand

    The Incomparable Lord Jesus Christ by Richfield Cudal and The Ultimate Guide to Worship Arts by Arnfield Cudal have both been translated into the Thai language and released in Thailand this past year. 250 copies were sold and distributed at the 50th anniversary of PABWE Thai churches in Sam Roi Yot, Thailand, October 2017. A 2nd printing of 200 books were printed and distributed July 2018 at theWorship Arts and Church Music Conference in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

    John 1’s Magnificent Paean of Jesus Christ (Official Music-Arts Video) เพลงนมัสการ เพลงสรรเสริญพระเจ้า ของ ยอห์น 1:1-5 / 9-14

    From the Kingdom of Thailand: A lavish new production extolling the Gospel of John’s magnificent paean (hymn) about Jesus Christ (John 1:1-5 / 9-14) featuring the HARK Duriya Tasana Singers and Dancers, set to festive Thai Isaan (mohlam) music. Filmed on location at Mahidol University, Salaya, Bangkok, with members & faculty of the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute
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