Our Mission

HARK Publications and HARK Music Publications produces Christian books of theology, philosophy, and biography, and promotes sacred music for general sale and distribution. We are a non-profit, interdenominational organization with a vision for providing literary and music-media resources to Christians worldwide seeking spiritual development and growth.

In 2011, HARK Publications published several autobiographical and theological books including The Incomparable Lord Jesus Christ in English and Cebuano by Richfield Cudal. In 2012, the Thai-Psalms Project was launched with a vision of creating a culturally-rich and musically-meaningful setting for the psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of the Bible in Thai. This marked the first time in history the songs of Scripture were set to Thai music. In 2014, ten Thai-Hymns were produced and released as the Chiwit Mai (New Life) Album. To date a tally of more than 7500 CDs have been distributed in Thailand. The mission of disseminating the word of God through literary and musical media-resources continue unabated.

The Thai-Psalms Project Highlighted

In 2012, twenty Psalms in Thai were recorded at the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, College of Dramatic and Fine Arts, Bangkok, by the Duriya Tasana musicians. These professional Thai singers and instrumental players, many of whom are members of the Royal Court Musicians who perform for the King of Thailand, played masterfully, producing compositions of excellent quality. Each Psalm’s musical arrangement was tailored to match the words in tone, pace, and feeling. These CDs mark the first in the Kingdom of Thailand’s history the Thai King James Version of the Psalms has been recorded to Thai classical music.

The Thai-Psalms Project in Video