Sunday on the Waterfront Concert – West Palm Beach, FL – Bárbara Padilla

HARK Music, the City of West Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Atlantic University invite guests to experience a special Sunday on the Waterfront concert featuring Bárbara Padilla and the Palm Beach Atlantic University Symphony. Vibrant, crossover soprano Bárbara Padilla, a finalist on the fourth season of America’s Got Talent, will perform a collection of colorful
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West Palm Beach Waterfront Hosts Cancer Survivor and Opera Star Bárbara Padilla

By Meg McEwen – How cancer led America’s Got Talent runner-up Bárbara Padilla to the big stage.
When the Guadalajaran doctors told young opera singer Bárbara Padilla that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she had no idea that God would orchestrate this tragedy as the propellant of her career. Her survival story led her to the United States, where she would eventually be discovered by NBC’s America’s Got Talent. In 2009 she placed second in the wildly popular and nationally recognized talent show. Her vocal cords were supposed to be scorched by intense radiation treatment, yet she continues to share her testimony and sing internationally to this day.

Bárbara is the featured artist with the PBA Symphony at the Palm Beach Post’s Sunday on the Waterfront Concert at the City of West Palm Beach’s Meyer Amphitheatre:
Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 4:00 PM.
Admission is free, no tickets required.

Book on Worship by Dr. Arnfield P. Cudal

There have been many misunderstandings and myths about the role of music in church. These myths have led many to believe that music is a barometer of their devotion to God, an elixir for the spirit, a pathway to God, or a channel for the presence of God.

But the Bible makes no such claims.

Drawing on lifelong church ministry, study, reflection, and observation, international music producer, composer, music director, organist / choirmaster, and pianist, Dr. Arnfield P. Cudal points to a better way to gauge the realness of our worship and demonstrate our true love to God.

All the music needed for proper emotional expression, spiritual refreshment, and development — the psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs — is found in this ultimate guide to worship arts: the Bible.

Popular Thai Pop Star Christy Gibson Releases New Single ‘Rejoice!’

By Meg McEwen Watch on YouTube » The face of the east meets the west as Thai pop star Christy Gibson teams with Hark Music Publications to produce the 2016 single “Rejoice!” The sacred song expresses Scripture using secular Thai pop, Latino cumbia, and classical music. “Rejoice!” communicates a worshipful intensity while appealing to modern
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Young Millennials Looking for Truth in Art and Music

Millennials, and those looking for meaningful ways to enhance their relationship with God, are seeking for Biblical truth in art and music. The source for truth is the Word of God and so putting the Word of God to musical settings is an excellent way of communicating Biblical truth. A millennial writes, “There comes a
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Reviving Traditions and Setting Precedents for Christian Music in the Kingdom of Thailand

Reviving Traditions. Setting Precedents. Music of the Bible in the Kingdom of Thailand. Setting the words of Scripture to music is a practice modeled in the Bible by King David himself. David set a precedent in establishing a tradition of setting texts of Scripture to music. Ever since, for almost three millennia now, the Psalms,
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HARK’s Phleng Choi Debut a ‘Crowd Pleaser’ at The Bangkok Arts & Culture Center – 17 January 2016

… Why Phleng Choi Phleng Choi is a popular style of entertainment performed by skilled and creative singers. Poetry is improvised and singers make up their lines on the spot. Singers showcase their wit, intelligence, style, fast thinking, creativity, and improvisation skills. Musical accompaniment and audience participation is all a part of Phleng Choi. Incorporating
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Phleng Choi Project Update

We are pleased to announce the completion of four unique Phleng Choi scripts that are ready for release and production. The scripts are: 1. Nature – what a perfect coincidence. But where is the perfect nature of man? 2. I say I’m right. She says she’s right. So who is right? 3. Would I choose
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HARK Releases Two New Music-Arts Videos – Featuring Bethesda-by-the-Sea’s Pipe Organ

Two beautiful pieces recorded at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church, Palm Beach, Florida, USA on the Austin Organ Opus 2777 – 109 ranks – 6000+ pipes Léon Boëllmann: Toccata from Suite Gothique – Arnfield Cudal Henri Mulet: Carillon Sortie – Hal Pysher

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