Christy Gibson, a popular and well-beloved Thai Luktung artist, to sing in the INVOCATIONS Thai Album

I am very pleased to announce that Christy Gibson, a highly successful and popular Thai recording artist, has joined in as the featured singer for the INVOCATIONS Thai album.

At home in Thailand since the age of six, Christy is now a household name in Thailand as a singer of luktung and mohlum styles. Her fluency in Thai and her multifaceted talents, particularly in articulating Thailand’s folk-music styles, have propelled her to the ranks of Thailand’s revered and mainstream vocal artists.

She has won the hearts of the Thai people, recording over ten albums and hit singles.

Christy’s gracious image and her profession of faith were key considerations in asking her to sing for the INVOCATIONS album. Christy is an illustrious singer, endeared and cherished. Her participation will be a blessing to many.