Phleng Choi Project Update


We are pleased to announce the completion of four unique Phleng Choi scripts that are ready for release and production.

The scripts are:
1. Nature – what a perfect coincidence. But where is the perfect nature of man?
2. I say I’m right. She says she’s right. So who is right?
3. Would I choose to be rich or to be happy?
4. Is there only one place to find inner happiness?

…and concludes with a plaintive presentation of the Gospel.
5. The answer is in this Book.

Why Phleng Choi

Phleng Choi is a popular style of entertainment that can only be performed by skilled and creative singers. Nearly all of the poetry is improvised and singers are expected to make up their lines on the spot. Singers are rated based on their wit, intelligence, style, fast thinking, creativity, and improvisation skills. Performers will sing back and forth, sometimes in witty banter, sometimes in a question-and-answer format, always in a fast-moving conversation.

Incorporating the Gospel Message in Phleng Choi

The idea of introducing the Gospel in Phleng Choi style was suggested by one of our Thai producers. In addition to being popular and well-received, Phleng Choi lends itself well to a gospel presentation because it allows discussion of topics that would otherwise be improper or impolite to bring up under normal circumstances. Issues that could seem intimidating or threatening in normal Thai conversation can be discussed in an easygoing way, with self-deprecating jokes and wit throughout. The Phleng Choi topics are structured to maintain a serious discussion, but witty enough to keep the listener interested. When presented in a lighthearted and relaxed context, Phleng Choi will make the performance a memorable experience and warm the Thais to the Gospel message.

Sharing the Cost/Showing your Support

If you would like participate in the production of this show and DVD and would like to give a donation, please contact us.

May our Lord continue to give us guidance and grace in our service to Him.