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Through life’s experiences, Bernard “Bernie” Nyhof remained a true student of the Word of God. In his Insights on the Ages, he shares truths that have served to guide and lead his own life as a child of God and a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Bernie shares his insights:

We must always keep in mind that God is light and truth. Satan’s entire purpose is to deceive. He does not want questions from thinking people.”

The Spirit can only bring to your mind that which you have read or learned. The more Scripture you know, the more He can bring into your mind.”

There is a God in heaven who rules over the earth. He has given some very clear commands and told us what the consequences would be if we disobey. We as a nation have disobeyed them and are now footing the bill.”

Bernard and Lillian Nyhof

In 1981, Bernie and Lillian, along with a number of their children, went to Nairobi, Kenya where he served as East Africa Director of World Home Bible League until he retired in 1997. During his time there, he encountered many opportunities to experience God’s faithfulness. The Lord Jesus was his constant friend; leading and guiding him to serve his Heavenly Father as a missionary.

As a true student of the Word of God, Bernie has found comfort, inspiration and amazing insights through his studies and experiences. Through these Insights on the Ages, he wishes to share truths that have served to bring him into a close relationship with God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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