Music Apotheosis & the Church: Addressing Contemporary Church Issues In Light of Scripture


The purpose of this essay is to contrast two viewpoints: One, music as the object of our desire, and Two, music as an outpouring of our adoration. The first viewpoint is antithetical to Biblical teaching in that music itself becomes the object, the idol of our worship; whereas, the second viewpoint sees music as an expression of our adoration, a proper Biblical response. Yet the dividing line is thin, the distinction not easily discerned. Careful analysis of Scripture will shed practical insight into how the Church should approach this oft misunderstood subject of music.

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“If the tenets and habitudes of CCM boil down to: music is advocator (“music draws us into the presence of Jesus”), evangelizer (“reach people with our music”), and witness (“they’ll know us by our music”), then music is being assigned roles and functions which it was never intended. The result is two-fold: one, an apotheosis of the medium above the Word, and two, usurpation of the ministry of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit.”

“In a span of forty years, I’ve seen a significant transformation in the way churches have conducted their ‘worship’ service; and not for the better. Never has the Church experienced a greater schism since denominationalism, over the issue of music. Where there is little Biblical understanding and guidance, confusion reigns. Yet the Bible speaks volumes about music, with specific guidelines to the Church, but is this something the Church is willing to accept – to its betterment?”

Appendices Included:

  • Appendix A: CCM, Ethnomusicology, and Cultural Expression: A Study in Discernment
  • Appendix B: CCM’s Pyrrhic Victory ― an Epithet?
  • Appendix C: A List of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Bible

Arnfield Cudal

Arnfield Cudal is a lifelong Church musician with over 40 years of experience. He has held positions as Pianist (Baptist), Organist (Methodist & Lutheran), Music Director, Orchestra Conductor, and Concert Series Director (Presbyterian), Chorister, Organist and Choirmaster (Episcopalian), Liturgist (Catholic & Greek Orthodox), and Worship Leader (Charismatic & Contemporary Services).

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