The Ultimate Guide to Worship Arts


Church Music Director, Worship Leader, Choirmaster, Composer and Producer, Arnfield P. Cudal, writes about how the Church has missed the mark when it comes to music.

Many misunderstandings about the role of music have resulted in the spreading of myths. These myths have led many to believe that music is an elixir for the soul and a barometer of how we express value to God.

Through lifelong study, observation, reflection and research, Arnfield points toward a better way to gauge our worship and demonstrate our true love to God.

“I was delighted. You are bringing the theology of the Bible to bear on the practice of songs, music, and worship.   Churches desperately need this teaching!  I greatly benefited from your book.”
Jeff S. Heslop, Th.D.
Professor of Bible and Theology 
Dean, Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute Learning Center 
Mason, OH

“Our pastors are searching for the truth when it comes to music and worship, and after learning about your book, our seminaries here would like you to give a seminar on the topic.”

Peter Ektrakul, M.A.C.E
Director, Global English School
Nonthaburi, Thailand

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There have been many misunderstandings and myths about the role of music in church. These myths have led many to believe that music is a barometer of their devotion to God, an elixir for the spirit, a pathway to God, or a channel for the presence of God.

But the Bible makes no such claims.

Drawing on lifelong church ministry, study, reflection, and observation, international music producer, composer, music director, organist / choirmaster, and pianist, Dr. Arnfield P. Cudal points to a better way to gauge the realness of our worship and demonstrate our true love to God.

All the music needed for proper emotional expression, spiritual refreshment, and development — the psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs — is found in this ultimate guide to worship arts: the Bible.

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