The Thai-Psalms project has received a strong positive response in Thailand! Listen to the recorded comments below.

Achan Phairat: Pastor in Ayutthaya
March 2014

“We are very glad that for the first time the hymns of the Bible have been put into our music, and this is an occasion where we can let other people hear about it and come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Do: Student at the Romphrakhun Bible School
March 2014

“We’re thankful to have this music, especially with the exact words of the Bible put to it. It is very endearing to us Thais to have the Bible in our own music. … It’s something we’ve been very blessed, as Thai Christians, to have. We pray God’s blessings on this kind of work and hope that in the future more people will make more music like this.”

Tai: Member at the Romphrakhun Church
March 2014