Soprano Bárbara Padilla, America’s Got Talent 2009 First Runner-Up and International Classical Crossover Artist, signs on as featured singer for INVOCATIONS English songs

I’m very excited to announce international recording artist, Bárbara Padilla, as the featured singer for the English version of the INVOCATIONS album.

When she placed as first runner-up of America’s Got Talent 2009, judge Piers Morgan declared that she had “the best vocal performance in the history of the show.” Bárbara Padilla will bring a great life and vibrancy to this music.

Houston, TX

Houston, TX

Bárbara is a singer who captivates audiences with her powerful, transcendent voice, and easily renders timeless songs into lyrical, living poems. She overcame Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to continue her music career and attributes her triumph to God’s hand in her life. She recently released her own album “Bárbara Padilla” with Moon Moosic Records.

When approached to sing INVOCATIONS, Bárbara eagerly agreed to participate. “I really love it,” she said about the music, and added that it would be “a privilege to sing it.”

Bárbara Padilla exemplifies the virtues of grace, class, and refinement — a fitting embodiment of the soul and spirit of this album.