The Lubben Brothers (Digital Album and Music Videos)

004 with titleHARK MUSIC PUBLICATIONS is pleased to present a vibrant new energetic batch of fresh pickers featuring exceptional virtuosi siblings: triplets Michael, Tom, and Joshua, and little brother Isaac as THE LUBBEN BROTHERS.

The LUBBEN BROTHERS bring with them a trove of creativity, contemporary interpretations, and a coalescent, homogeneous high lonesome sound which only triplet brothers can provide. Trained as classical musicians, each a composer and performer in his own right, this sibling quartet, hailing from Iowa, Florida, and Kentucky, is deft with bluegrass’ classic roots, displaying a flair for energetic country sounds, stirring gospels, and energetic progressive jams yet never forsaking the true essence of bluegrass

“Our summers included lively bluegrass festivals. Though we did most of our listening while splashing in the river, we inherited a love for the traditional, American music that surrounded us.”

“With classical training as a foundation, we taught ourselves guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass. For the sake of good music, we didn’t limit ourselves with genre or instrumentation, but chose the tunes we enjoyed the most. This led us to songs ranging from traditional bluegrass and American folk songs, to Celtic tunes and Irish ballads. So, wherever we perform, we hope to spread the joy that music has always given us.”
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